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Project Description
A C# DirectX library that extends the MapWindow 6.0 geospatial software library by adding an external map. The map supports rotation and tilting in three dimensions, and can show fully three dimensional representations for terrain models.

This project is really not even in the alpha stage yet. It is a prototypical development that represents and effort to build in the existing 2D MapWindow 6.0 geospatial software, but displays map layers in full 3D. This software is very out of date compared with changes that have been made in the core code and is not yet designed to handle the full scope of symbology that is made available by the UI interfaces. A great deal of work is necessary to outfit the 3D viewer with the same kinds of capabilities as the 2D map, but this repository acts as a kind of foot in the door for the 3D DirectX concept.

For progress updates on the MapWindow 6.0 2D Application:

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